At Ocean Glass, we value and respect a diversity of the workforce,
and commit ourselves to the principle of equal opportunity.
We promote a working environment free from discrimination and harassment.

“A Career with
Life’s Pleasure”

Our corporate purpose is to provide life’s pleasures with high quality glassware
and therefore, we truly believe in giving our employees the opportunities
to shape up “A Career with Life’s Pleasure” for their own while working with us.

Our employees are offered careers of their choices with development
and learning opportunities
for them to contribute and grow to their full potential,
together with our brands and people that drive our sustainable business growth.

It is Our determination and commitment
to live a working culture that embraces entrepreneurial spirit and core values behaviors
as our fundamental principles to form the foundation of our responsibilities and standards.

We truly believe in our four core values.

“Truly Believe
in Our
Core Values”

The success of Our company is founded on both personal and corporate ethics,
and we strive to exercise the highest standards of ethical conduct in all aspects of our business.

“Ideal Working Styles
of Our Employees”

We live a working culture
which embraces Entrepreneurial Spirit in all of us.

These desired characteristics are
Ideal Working Styles of Our Employees.